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Welcome to DevelopmentEducation.info! This web-portal is designed to provide you with all relevant information about Development Education/ Global Education and to help you find the resources and materials that are most suitable for you. The portal has been developed within the EU funded project 'Accessing Development Education (ONG-ED/2007/136-419).

If you are looking for teaching material or guidance books on topics like Development Education, Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals and many others, just go to the 'Teaching Resources' Box on the right and chose your search criteria. If you are interested in more general information about Development Education, you can find that in the left-hand menu.The different Tabs above provide specific information and ideas for teachers, learners and the anyone else interested in Development Education.

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Code of Conduct on Images and Messages PDF Print E-mail

This Code of Conduct on Images and Messages has been written by NGOs working in the areas of emergency relief, long term development and development education.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to provide a framework on which organisations can draw when designing and implementing their public communications strategy. The Code offers a set of guiding principles that can assist practitioners in their efforts to communicate their organisation’s programmes and values in a coherent and balanced way.